Solid Energy – 5 stars Best pizza I have ever tasted in my 22 years of life. I recommend. They don’t only take their time with their pizzas, they are also homemade. This pizza restaurant is in a class of its own. With the option to remove the tomato sauce to top it all, they also make a pizza which is not so greasy as pizza varieties goes. Again, this pizza is special. The quality of the pizza make is outstanding. I’m a new-comer at this restaurant, and I just wanted to give some other restaurant a chance. -Capone

thecutestbeansprout – 5 stars So this is my favorite place in the whole entire city to get pizza from. This place is a very special business for me because I used to come here ever since I was born. My father used to be a chef there as well as his friend bill. Unfortunately both of passed away they are still close to my heart! The food is amazing the pizza is the best in this city and I will continually come back and give my appreciation and business and money

Ross Norwood – 5 stars Can’t stay away for too long. BJ’s easily completes with the pizza brands you all know, but adds a flair to everything made that keeps you coming back. Peggy’s Delight, New Orleans burger, Sandwiches and, of course, the pizza. Love this place!

Desire’ “Dez”- 5 stars Amazing service and as always amazing food Love that it’s a small local business, that has been here since before I was born. I can always get in Family time here with my son and the games. Although the hunting game has revealing women in the video game, just a warning for those with small children. Always amazing service.

Kri (Klmbean)- 5 stars Their pizzas are so good and loaded with toppings. I also had their cheese sticks today. Yummy. This place also has some arcade games. I played a couple. Sadly one took my money and didn’t work. I was given a refund.

Chad leBlanc – 5 stars Best pizza in Lafayette hands down , and most courteous staff I have ever dealt with ! Kudos!!. Marcus Claudel- 5 stars Every person that is from Lafayette, has been hear one time or another. A local fixture…… Friends have worked here while we were growing up, and have had many ah good times on many occasions. Adopted as Cajun in the heart’s of Acadiana